Travel to Cuba on a "People to People" exchange program

Travel to Cuba on a "People to People"
Exchange Program

Experience the Beauty of Cuba

Meet the People
Immerse in the Arts and Culture

Imagine the Potential


Travel to Cuba on a customized group program with To Cuba Now

Our “People to People” immersion travel programs allow you to see, hear, and feel life in Cuba.  Your group or organization will have the opportunity to meet the people of Cuba and immerse in the Arts and Culture of the Island.  To Cuba Now programs are customized to meet your groups specific interests and allow you to develop long lasting relationships.  Beyond the typical “cars and cigars” tours, experience the Cuba few others have seen.

Have a “meaningful impact” in Cuba while being a part of history

Cuba is a melting pot of history, culture, creativity, and potential waiting to be explored.  Updated U.S. policy continues to allow for “group travel” to Cuba under qualified programs as offered by, To Cuba Now.  Your group or organization can position itself to be a part of and witness to the ongoing transformation in Cuba and U.S. Cuba relations.  Join us and be a part of it.

Cuba today is poised – like never before – for economic development and growth

The recent change in U.S. Policy in 2015, coupled with legal changes in Cuba, allowing for private ownership, entrepreneurism and private enterprise means that we are at an historic juncture in U.S.-Cuba relations and the future of the island and her people.

Cuba Business Travel

Providing world-class insight and advice on the emerging Cuba market

Working closely with our key partners in Cuba, we provide the business and legal guidance to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by current U.S./Cuba relations – organizing business travel and cultural exchange related travel programs to Cuba for U.S. individuals, businesses and organizations.

OFAC Changes

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Publication of New Cuba-Related Frequently Asked Questions

The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is amending the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, 31 C.F.R. part 515 (the “CACR”), to implement the National Security Presidential Memorandum issued by the President in June.


Cuba in the News

Passport to Cuba: The surprising connection between Cleveland and Cuba, and why it matters

In early October, Cleveland became the first northern port city to sign a memo of understanding with Cuba’s maritime administration—effectively paving the way for future trade possibilities. NPR’s “All Things Considered” called the move an “economic olive branch” amid rising diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Cuba, and should the current trade embargo be lifted, Cleveland would likely be in pole position to conduct business with the island nation. See more at Passport to Cuba: The surprising connection between Cleveland and Cuba and why it matters

Inside Havana’s First New Five-Star Luxury Hotel

Cuba’s first true five-star luxury hotel has finally opened. The long-awaited Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana debuted in June in the historic heart of the UNESCO-designated Old Havana—just days before President Trump announced new restrictions on travel to Cuba. For travelers eager to see this landmark hotel—and the magical city in which it is located—now is the time to go.

Contact us for group travel to Cuba. On July 25th, OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) issued additional guidance on business and travel to Cuba. Updated guidelines will allow “group travel” to Cuba under qualified programs, as offered by To Cuba Now. OFAC changes will only affect individual self directed travel, individual travel will no longer qualify under new Treasury Department guidelines.  See more at . . . Inside Havana’s First New Five-Star Luxury Hotel

How can US businesses and investors track improvement of the business climate in Cuba?

The recent tightening of US policy toward Cuba makes business opportunities more limited, but falls well short of a reversal of the historic opening with Cuba in 2015. For the time being, American companies and investors can use several economic and political indicators to track in what places and how quickly US commercial policy may change favorably. See more at … How can US businesses and investors track improvement of the business climate in Cuba?



Connect with To Cuba Now and let’s get the discussion started! Let us know your industry, your specific interests – or even a quick Q & A on how you can get involved in the historic, exciting opportunities that To Cuba Now can faciliate. This is our specialty, our interest – our passion – so we look forward to it!