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Providing world-class insight and advice on the emerging Cuba market

Working closely with our key partners in Cuba, we provide the business and legal guidance to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by current U.S./Cuba relations – organizing business travel and cultural exchange related travel programs to Cuba for U.S. individuals, businesses and organizations.

Cuba today is poised – like never before – for economic development and growth

The recent change in U.S. Policy in 2015, coupled with legal changes in Cuba, allowing for private ownership, entrepreneurism and private enterprise means that we are at an historic juncture in U.S.-Cuba relations and the future of the island and her people.

Our Cuba travel programs provide a customized approach to allow you to see, hear and feel what it’s like to live, work and do business in Cuba

There are extraordinary new opportunities for U.S. businesses, non-profit and educational institutions to work in tandem with the Cuban people on projects related to: future economic development in Cuba: the reconstruction of historic buildings and future structural development, professional training and entrepreneurship, agricultural and rural development, private enterprise financing and numerous other activities.

Have a “meaningful impact” in Cuba while being a part of history

Your organization can position itself as a benefactor and beneficiary of the ongoing transformation in Cuba for years to come. Cuba is a melting pot of history, culture, creativity, and enduring potential; a potential that is today simply waiting to be maximized.

Cuba in the News

The impact of Trump’s Cuba policy revisions will likely be small

As U.S. officials prepare to implement President Trump’s Cuba policy, the rancor over the revised course is masking an emerging bipartisan consensus over American policy toward the island. Despite declaring he was “cancelling” President Obama’s deal with Cuba, Trump’s approach maintains the vast majority of steps the Obama Administration took.  See more at … The impact of Trump’s Cuba policy revisions will likely be small.



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